Eastern White Cedar

Naturally, rot resistant—the durability required for life outdoors.

Cedar Lumber in

New Brunswick?

Cedar Lumber in NB?
People are surprised we sell Cedar in NB. While the red cedars of the west coast are a long train ride away, our hardy Eastern White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis), sometimes called white cedar, northern white cedar or swamp cedar, is the perfect local lumber for all your outdoor applications.

Those historic cedar shingled capes dotting our coastline haven’t forgotten there is Cedar in NB. More robust than red cedar in our demanding outdoor environment, this native cedar tree is small and mighty.


by generations

Loved by generations

of Carpenters

Eastern White Cedar is a natural weather and insect repellent wood, with a lightweight splinter-free grain. Given the wood’s chemical-free qualities and durability, it’s the only lumber milled at our Cassie Cape facility.

In addition to its naturally pleasing aesthetics, you’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable and easy it is to build with our locally milled Eastern White Cedar.

Just a few things we love about Cedar
  • Eastern white cedar wood is prized for its weather resistance. An ideal choice for outdoor applications as its oils make it naturally decay and insect resistant.
  • Requires no harsh chemical preservatives because of its naturally occurring oils Its recognizable warm red and yellow tones and a soft look and touch.
  • With minimal splintering, it’s an ideal choice for many woodworking projects.
  • Eastern white Cedar has a pleasant unmistakable scent.
  • Its beauty is experienced in a natural or stained finish. If you do choose to finish it, cedar will readily accept a variety of wood stains.
  • A lightweight wood that is extremely pleasant and easy to work with
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications


East coasters
for centuries

Throughout the east coast, cedar has protected residents for generations. It was traditionally used for exterior finishes, such as shingles, building logs, poles, dock posts and fences. It preserved blankets and valued linens in chests and cabinets. It is the wood of choice for long-lasting outdoor furniture, boats and canoes. And if you want a fresh and tidy outhouse, cedar has always been the best choice.

We don’t waste

Any part of Mother Nature’s bounty.

Shavings, Wood Chips, and Mulch are all produced from unusable cedar log elements.


Our products are entirely made of renewable resources.

We recycle all elements of our raw materials

We optimize the log cuts for maximum use as lumber

Shavings, wood chips, and mulch are produced from unusable log elements.

Small woodcuts provide furniture pieces

We depend on responsible and healthy silviculture to keep our mill operating for generations. With a 40-year cycle, the Eastern white cedar successfully regenerates in a timeline slightly longer than the spruce or pine but much shorter than hardwood. Our relationships with woodlot owners maintain locally sourced renewable lumber.

Are you a logger or woodlot owner

With Cedar to sell?

We’d love to have a conversation. We require a consistent supply of quality logs to fulfill the growing demand for white cedar decking and dimensional lumber. We’re always on the lookout for top-notch logs, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have them available.

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